Viagogo offering tickets to Michelle Obama at more than three times face value

Listings appear to breach law as London’s O2 arena says buyers risk being turned away

The ticket resale website Viagogo has been criticised for advertising tickets to see Michelle Obama speak this weekend at far above face value, despite the risk that buyers will be turned away.

Experts said the ticket listings also appeared to breach consumer law, potentially falling foul of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

The watchdog has begun a contempt of court action against Viagogo for similar alleged transgressions.

More than 100 tickets for the former first lady’s talk at London’s O2 arena on Sunday, to promote her book Becoming, were being advertised for a significant mark-up. Professional touts listed one pair for more than £2,000 apiece, more than three times face value.

A spokesperson for the 20,000-capacity venue, which has implemented a new ticketing system designed to beat touts, said anyone found to have bought through Viagogo would be denied entry.

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