Violent crime committed by African refugee shocks judge as she slams ‘willingness to resort to violence and chilling capacity to instil fear’

A growing number of refugees from war-torn countries are committing violent acts and threatening the safety of Queensland communities, according to a District Court judge.

Leanne Clare said the Brisbane District Court is seeing a ‘significant’ amount of violent refugees, as she sentenced Hamad Ardadi Tuba for threatening to kill two students with a fake gun, before robbing one of them.

The former Yeronga State High School student, then 17, pleaded guilty to the ‘chilling’ act in June 2016 – five years after he arrived in Australia from North Africa.

Judge Clare handed him a suspended two-year sentence for armed robbery and two-and-a-half years’ probation for threatening violence, The Courier Mail reported.

‘This court is seeing a lot of, a significant number of, refugees … and they resort to violence and that has to be a concern for the protection of the community,’ Judge Clare said.

Speaking of Ardadi Tuba’s actions, she said: ‘The offences display a chilling capacity to instil fear and a willingness to frighten others into submission for some perceived minor offence.

‘I have been in criminal law for over 30 years and the emergence of this kind of offending by juveniles is an alarming new development.’

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