Want to look like Chris Hemsworth? Hollywood star’s trainer and school friend Luke Zocchi demonstrates the gruelling workout the Thor actor undergoes for movie role

There’s no question why Thor actor Chris Hemworth’s is one of the most searched things on Google.

And on Wednesday, the star’s trainer and school friend Luke Zocchi revealed just exactly how he transformed the actor’s body for his past ten films.

Taking Today Extra host David Campbell, 44, through the regime, the 34-year-old confessed Chris was working out at every spare second they had.

‘I designed a 30-minute quick workout we’d do if we had a bit of a break between shooting. We’d hit the gym for just 30 minutes and just hammer the arms. Blast them.’

And although Chris sports an incredibly ripped and muscular physique, Luke revealed the star isn’t actually that motivated to work out.

‘If I tell him to do something, he won’t do it,’ he spilled.

‘But if I’m in the gym with him, then that competitive nature comes out and then he’ll do it bigger and better than me.’

Confessing it was now all a mind game, Luke added that: ‘he may be bigger and stronger, but I’m smarter.’

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