Whiny ‘This Is Us’ needs to hit the reset button

“This Is Us” creator Dan Fogelman (and the show’s writers) need to start grazing in new narrative pastures if they want to keep us interested in their NBC series.

“This Is Us” has, in its short lifespan, morphed from a likeable, interesting drama into a treacly mess of trumped-up angst underscored by the requisite sad acoustic-guitar-strings soundtrack reserved for “heartwarming” family dramas (and those late-night SPCA dogs-shivering-in-cages commercials). Enough already.

It’s time for Fogelman et al. to move the “This Is Us” narrative needle, now that we finally know how flawed-yet-sainted dad Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) perished on the NBC drama after a season and a half of dramatic throat-clearing and endless red-herring flashbacks recalling The. Best. Dad. Ever. Give this guy a halo and let’s call it a day.

Sunday night’s post-Super Bowl episode revealed that Jack died — in all his tragic glory — after rescuing his family, including their dog, from a raging house fire sparked by the now-infamous short-circuited crock pot, “crock” being the key word here, since Jack didn’t die in the house fire, but afterward, suffering a fatal heart attack at the hospital when it looked like he’d recover from smoke inhalation. Can you say “manipulative”?

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