Alison Wonderland Talks Mental Health, The Knife & New Music: Watch

Alison Wonderland can’t say too much about her forthcoming album Awake, but she opened up in her recent chat with Billboard Dance‘s Matt Medved when she stopped by the New York City office.

“I really pushed myself,” she says. “I cried for this.”

She was so worked up about the new LP, the first song she wrote ended up being the last song she finished. She wrote some of it in “fancy studios” with Joe Little, who helped Lorde write Pure Heroine, and some with Illangelo, who’s written with The Weeknd, but she still wrote most of it in her bedroom, sitting on the floor with her midi keyboard, coming up with her best material at 3 a.m. She wrapped it all up in a hotel in Hong Kong at the end of last year, and now, she can’t wait to tell the world about it.

“I have to write what I’m feeling in extreme happiness or extreme sadness,” she says. “This album … is about discovering self value again. Being around things that were very toxic for me really brought me down for a long time, and I realized that I finally had the strength and the choice to get out of those environments. I really hope, when anyone hears this album, they take something form that, and they hear that you’re not alone, and you can bring the strength to bring yourself out of something. Everyone has self-value and self-worth.”

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