Almost 200,000 unknown viruses are discovered hiding in the depths of the world’s oceans

There are nearly 200,000 different viruses lurking in the depths of oceans all over the world, a study has claimed.

This staggering amount of viral life was found in five oceanic regions, dubbed distinct ecological zones, located in the entire Arctic and Antarctic oceans as well as certain depths of warmer oceans.

Scientists said that most of the viruses have never been seen before and that this study found 12 times as many viruses than were previously known.

The findings of the 195,728 viruses could also reveal how pathogens affect ocean ecosystems.

Most of the viruses were found to be harmless to humans but could infect marine life like whales and fish.

The study also suggests that it could help researchers discover how to combat climate change by bio-engineering the ocean

Five distinct ecological zones throughout the world were identified which includes all depths of the Arctic and the Antarctic, and three distinct depths of temperate and tropical regions.

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