‘Anti-vaxxers have an utter contempt for science’: Expert puts those who oppose life-saving jabs in the same bracket as flat-Earthers and climate-change deniers

Anti-vaxxers have an ‘utter contempt for science’ and should be considered on par with flat-Earthers and climate change deniers, an expert has claimed.

Dr Jonathan Kennedy, a lecturer in global health care at Queen Mary University of London, said the anti-vaxx movement is being fuelled by distrust of experts.

The same doubt in public health bodies has fed the flat-Earth and climate change denial movements, he argued.

Dr Kennedy told MailOnline: ‘These are small groups of people who have an utter contempt for science.’

His comments come amid a worldwide measles outbreak, as cases this year are already 300 per cent higher than in 2018.

Dr Kennedy argued Britain has the capacity ‘to eradicate the virus’ completely, if parents only allowed their children to be vaccinated.

Speaking to MailOnline, Dr Kennedy said: ‘People are increasingly hostile and suspicious towards experts.

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