Avengers: Endgame fans go to great lengths for franchise finale

Denouement of Marvel’s superhero juggernaut in line to break all box-office records

“I’m having a baby tomorrow but I need to know how it ends,” says Jo from Clapton, east London, who was among the first wave of fans to see Avengers: Endgame on Thursday.

“We were offered a C-section earlier in the week, but because we had the Avengers booked we decided to have it later,” she said outside the Vue cinema in Stratford’s Westfield complex.

Postponing the birth of your first child in order to see a superhero film may seem extreme, but this weekend thousands of Marvel fans will put plans on hold for the final instalment of the Avengers franchise.

Endgame is on course to have the highest-grossing opening weekend in box-office history. The predicted $1bn haul would reaffirm – if any further proof was needed – that superhero films are the dominant pop-cultural form.

“We’ve followed the whole franchise since its inception,” adds Jo. “It’s trying to appeal to a bigger demographic as possible without diluting it in any way. They all feel like distinct movies but at the same time it all feels like one holistic franchise.”

Among the crowds getting tickets from the humming self-service machines is a group of students rushing to make a 4.15pm showing.

“For our generation there’s just this clout to it,” says Rohit, 19, who was introduced to Marvel characters through the cartoon series a decade ago. “I’ve grown up with them and seen all 22 films. There’s something so human about it. There’s something inspiring to see them struggle then overcome.”

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