‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 11 will have Bill Gates as a guest star

The Big Bang Theory” Season 11 is adding yet another real-life genius to its list of guest appearances. CBS revealed on Tuesday that Bill Gates will make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode.The news dropped by way of the hit TV sitcom’s official Twitter page. Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Gates, will debut playing himself on an episode currently set to debut in March. According to a brief synopsis released regarding his episode, he’ll be hosted by Penny at work. When the rest of the boys find out that they have a shot to get close to Bill Gates, they do everything in their power to meet him.

As TV fans may note, “The Big Bang Theory” won’t be Gates’ first appearance as himself on a sitcom. He previously appeared on the 200th episode of “Frasier” in 2001, where he was interviewed by the title character on his Seattle-based radio show. While Frasier thought he’d be discussing hot topics with Gates, his interview devolved into Microsoft tech support.As Entertainment Weekly notes, Gates is in good company of stars that have played themselves on the CBS sitcom. Previous names include Carrie Fisher, Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Buzz Aldrin, LeVar Burton, Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee.

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