Da Vinci mystery to be solved after 212 years: DNA from lock of the Renaissance genius’ hair may prove that human remains are his

Analysis of a lock from Renaissance inventor Leonardo da Vinci’s hair could finally solve a centuries-long mystery over the authenticity of his alleged remains.

The lock of hair, which had previously been locked away in a private US collection, is going on public display for the first time in Leonardo’s birth town of Vinci, in Tuscany.

DNA comparison between the hair and da Vinci’s supposed skeleton will finally confirm if the remains, unearthed after being lost for almost 60 years, are his.

Researchers had previously traced da Vinci’s living descendants, whose DNA will also be compared with that sampled from the lock of hair.

‘We found, across the Atlantic, a lock of hair historically tagged “Les Cheveux de Leonardo da Vinci” ‘, said married historians Alessandro Vezzosi and Agnese Sabato in a statement.

‘This lock of hair, which has remained a secret up until now in an American collection, will be exhibited in a world first along with the documents which attest to its ancient French origins,’ Dr Vezzosi told the AGI news agency.

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