‘Epic on every level’ – readers’ Avengers: Endgame reviews with spoilers

The ‘definitive superhero movie’ or an ‘exasperating’ and ‘ego-filled’ finale? The best of your spoiler-filled discussion

  • Contains multiple spoilers

‘The definitive superhero movie’

I was at the multiplex the moment the doors opened and saw the first screening here in Bangkok. And I’m glad I did. I had no preconceptions, no spoilers and I enjoyed it as Marvel intended! And what a movie! The three hours pass in a flash. Marvel and the Russo Brothers have created the definitive superhero movie. It’s one for us, the fans. You will go through every imaginable emotion – I didn’t dwell on problems caused by the time travel , I went with the flow and simply enjoyed it just as Marvel intended: an amazing, jaw dropping homage to the 21 movies that preceded it. This will always be regarded as the biggest and best Marvel movie ever. NormanBKK

‘It felt like a great ending to a series but not necessarily a great movie’

It felt like a great ending to a series but not necessarily a great movie. It lacked its own sense of purpose, but of course it is an ending and should be judged on those merits. I feel it went a little “19 years later” or The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King at the end, but it’s such a fun experience you really don’t notice that much while watching it.

I think my closest comparison is it’s like the finale of The US Office, it does everything you want for all of the characters in a way that makes fans happy but as an individual episode of TV comedy it isn’t great. However, I do feel the billions spent on these movies was worth it for the “on your left” and “Avengers, Assemble” moments alone.

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