Geminids meteor shower of 120 shooting stars to light up the skies this week (and it coincides with 2018’s brightest passing space rock dubbed the Christmas comet tonight)

Britons will be treated to astonishing show visible by the naked eye of 120 shooting stars an hour in showers set to peak later in the next two days.

The spectacular event is set to coincide with a space rock dubbed the Christmas comet, tipped to be the brightest of the year, passing overhead this evening.

Those who wish to catch a glimpse of the Christmas comet, which is set to whizz past Earth, will need to go to a dark spot and look south.

Meanwhile, the Geminids meteor shower will consist of multi-coloured shooting stars visible from the ground on Thursday and Friday.

Viewers hoping to catch a glimpse of the Christmas comet and the meteor shower are being advised by the Met Office to go to an open place away from street lights.

‘Star gazers will be looking for clear, cloudless skies to have the best possible chance of catching a glimpse of the meteor shower,’ said a Met office spokesperson.

Ideally a location away from light pollution will be of benefit.’

For those in areas with low light pollution, no smog and clear skies, the Geminids are visible to the naked eye, with no specialist equipment needed.

The fluorescent blue coloured Christmas comet will skim to within 7.1 million miles of our planet, or 30 times the distance to the moon.

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