Here’s why no one really cares about Solo: A Star Wars Story

Look, we don’t want to be the kind of site to tell people what they should and shouldn’t care about. Caring about something does not, after all, automatically equate to website clicks, or to Twitter noise or even to box office. You can care about whatever you like.

So we’re starting off from the standpoint of admitting that, okay, of course some people massively care about Solo: A Star Wars Story, and they have every right to.

But having said that… Come on, does anyone actually really care about Solo: A Star Wars Story? Sure, you’re a completist, you’re going to go and see it. We are too, and it’ll probably be all right. But are you really, genuinely, wildly excited? Like Force Awakens excited? Like Avengers excited?


And that’s okay too. We feel the same. But why? After all, Rogue One was a very fine film indeed, a prequel which actually enhanced A New Hope and introduced a range of new characters not included in the original trilogy that fit perfectly and whom we really cared about. It was ace.

Not so Solo – here’s why.

We’re only just getting over The Last Jedi, so Solo feels like it’s coming before we’re really ready for it. Rogue One at least had the decency to come out in the winter of the ‘gap year’ between Force Awakens and Last Jedi.

Given that we won’t be seeing Episode IX till December 2019, we don’t see why this couldn’t have waited until December when we’d be fresh and ready for a new hit of Star Wars.

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