This article is about The great red fort which is located at Delhi and is also known as Lal qil’ha or Lal Qila.  Here in this article I will tell you great history about red fort (Lal Qila). Everybody says it looks awesome in red color. You may also visited to this place. But do everyone know what is the history behind the red fortWho built the red fort? In this post I will tell you all history behind red fort.


Red fort is located at the bank of the Yamuna river in Delhi. We know that it is known as old Delhi.


           Red fort is one of the great historical monument of India. First of all we will start from its name. It is known as red fort because there is too much use of red stones in construction of red fort. And because of the extensive use of red stones in the great walls of the fort it is known as red fort (LAL QILA). In 1638 Mughal king Shah Jahan has decided to shift  his capital in Delhi from Agra and thus Shah Jahan started the construction of red fort at the bank of the Yamuna river in old Delhi. He assigns Ustad Ahmed and Ustad humid as an architect for constructing a royal palace.Construction of red fort was completed by Shah Jahan in the year of 1648. Red fort is originally known as ‘Qila-I-Mubarak’. The reason behind this name is that it was the residence of the royal family.


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