Instagram now lets you pick ‘Close Friends’ to share your snaps with but it could lead to HUGE rows with followers you decide to exclude

Instagram has launched a new feature dubbed ‘Close Friends’ that lets users share their stories with a smaller group of people.

The new feature will appear on the user’s profile in the side menu enables Instagram’s more than one billion users.

They can then create a smaller group of friends and share stories exclusively with them exclusively.

However, it could lead to huge rows with other followers that find out they have been excluded.

The idea is people may feel more comfortable sharing some things with just close friends, rather than all followers.

Regular posts would still appear to everyone, though users have the option of pre-approving followers.

Facebook already lets people narrow audiences for individual posts, but the Facebook-owned Instagram hasn’t.

Social-media companies are quickly learning that bigger audience sizes for users can mean a reluctance to share more personal information.

So, they are adding ways to communicate with smaller groups. This is why Facebook is beefing up its Groups feature, and why messaging apps are so popular.

Robby Stein, product director at Instagram, said the feature took more than a year to complete. It starts rolling out to users Friday.

‘If you’re on someone’s close friends list, you’ll see a green ring around their photo in the Stories tray and a green badge when you’re viewing their stories,’ Instagram said in a statement.

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