Love bites could help prevent botched injections and save the NHS millions: Technology inspired by hickeys makes veins easier to spot by drawing blood to the skin

Technology inspired by love bites will help prevent botched injections, scientists claim.

Researchers say hickeys, as they are also known, increase the diameter of the veins in the neck by up to a third.

This draws blood to the area, making the veins easier to locate. Difficulty finding blood vessels is a major reason for why so many fail.

But new technology, which uses an in-built pumping device to create a similar level of suction to a love bite, will change that.

The device, called Vacuderm and tested by a team of researchers at Nottingham Trent University, will be available on the NHS from June.

The technology is being developed by Olberon Medical Innovations, also based in Nottingham, with support from the NTU team.

The project is being led by Dr Amin Al-Habaibeh, professor of intelligent engineering systems.

‘Veins can be especially hard to find in people who have poor or no visible veins and in certain groups of people such as children and older people,’ Dr Habaibeh told MailOnline.

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