Miss ‘The Hills’? ‘Music City’ might be your next obsession

Get ready for the next generation of The Hills.

Adam DiVello, the creator and executive producer of that MTV reality show, as well as its predecessor, Laguna Beach, returns to TV on Thursday with Music City, another docuseries, one that he describes as the reality version of the drama Nashville.

“I think if Laguna Beach was kind of like a reality Beverly Hills 90210, and The Hills always felt like kind of a Melrose Place-type show … that [Nashville] was the next show to copy — not copy, but the next show to emulate,” DiVello tells Yahoo Entertainment.

He does that by following five young adults — Kerry, Rachyl, Jessica, Jackson, and Alisa — navigating their relationships and careers in the musical town. Each performs his or her own tunes over the course of the show. Not all the music is country, either: A cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill” is featured early on.

“I’ve always been a big fan of music, and we’ve always used music in our shows to help us tell stories, with the lack of confessionals that we don’t have in our [other] series or this series, so we depend a lot on music,” he says.

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