Scientists discover fossil of horrifying ‘Cthulhu’ sea creature with 45 TENTACLES that crawled the ocean floor 430 million years ago

According to scientists, a creature similar to H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional and monstrous sea beast, Cthulhu, did exist at one point — the only difference is it was about 3 cm wide.

In a computer-generated model created from a 430 million-year-old fossil, scientists say they’ve identified a never-before-seen species of sea cucumber which they aptly dubbed, Sollasina cthulhu, after the iconic monster monster feature in H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Call of Cthulhu’.

The ancient specimen may be small in stature, but according to scientists it may have projected a much scarier image to other sea creatures.

In all, it boasts 45 tube-like tentacles which researchers say were capable of sucking up food and helping attach to the ocean floor.

To recreate what the creature looked like the fossil was ground layer-by-layer with a photograph taken at each step and creating hundreds of ‘slice images.’

The sum total of the snaps were then parsed by a computer to recreate a digital image.

In addition to being both visually and mythologically fascinating, the discovery also adds to biologists understanding of how today’s species of cucumbers came to be, say scientists.

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