Secretive group seeking to oust Kim Jong-un claim North Korea embassy raid

Cheollima Civil Defence says it carried out daring raid on Madrid building in February

A secretive dissident group seeking to overthrow the regime in North Korea has claimed responsibility for last month’s raid on the country’s embassy in Madrid, as a court in Spain prepared to seek the intruders’ extradition.

Cheollima Civil Defence said in statement posted on its website that the 22 February raid on the embassy was “not an attack” and claimed that its members had been responding to an “urgent situation” inside the embassy. The intruders fled with computers, hard disks and other items after a failed attempt to persuade an embassy official to defect.

The raid took place less than a week before the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, met Donald Trump in Hanoi for denuclearisation talks, prompting speculation that the group was attempting to obtain information about North Korea’s former ambassador to Spain, Kim Hyok-chol.

Kim, who was expelled from Spain in September 2017 after the North conducted its sixth nuclear test and launched ballistic missiles over northern Japan, now serves as the regime’s top nuclear negotiator with the US.

The group denied it was working with the FBI or any other foreign organisation.

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