Want to see Tim Allen take his Ford GT for a spin? You’re kind of alone

Tim Allen is into cars.The bulk of his followers? Maybe not so much.The car-collecting comedian shared a YouTube video on Feb 9 of him unboxing his new $450,000 Ford GT with the nearly one million people who follow him on Facebook.So far, it has just over 23,000 views.Interestingly, there’s another YouTube video from August of someone spotting Allen driving the GT that has more views. It’s not clear why Allen waited until now to post his video.

Allen is one of the 1,000 people being handpicked by Ford to be allowed to buy one of the cars based on — among other factors — their past Ford ownership, celebrity status and social media influence. Jay Leno got one and so did John Cena, who is currently fighting Ford in court about a clause in the contract that doesn’t permit the original owners to resell their cars for two years.The two of them have combined for over 3 million views.Allen takes his “silver spaceship” out for a spin in the video and remarks on how it feels more like a race car for the street more than anything his ever driven. And he owns a Porsche Carrera GT, which has an engine literally derived from a racecar’s.The “Home Improvement” star says the GT isn’t a good traveling car because of the lack of storage space, pointing out that there’s only a small spot for the key fob in the cabin. But he does like its adjustable suspension, compliant ride and calls it “not uncomfortable.” High praise, indeed.

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