The Woman in White: Ben Hardy teases ‘spooky and mysterious’ BBC One series

BEN HARDY spills all on the BBC One adaptation of the classic thriller novel The Women in White by Wilkie Collins which centres around a women dressed entirely in white, who escapes from an asylum.

The BBC has created a five-part adaption of Wilkie Collins’ Victorian mystery The Women in White.The tale focuses on a young artist Walter Hartright (played by Ben Hardy), who travels to Cumberland to work at Limmeridge House.

His employer Fredrick Fairlie (Charles Dance) hires him to teach his niece Laura (Olivia Vinall) and her half-sister Marian Halcombe (Jessie Buckley) to paint.

But just before he heads off, Walter encounters a vulnerable woman in white who begs for his help.

When he eventually reaches Limmeridge, Walter is troubled by thoughts of the distressed stranger, who resembles Laura and who he later learns is called Anne Catherick (also played by Olivia Vinall)

Before he knows it, Walter is involved in a high-risk mystery when the relation between Anne and the Fairies is brought to light.Teasing Walter’s run in with the women in white, Ben said: “It is a strange experience. She has come from a mental asylum and that disturbs him.

“But she mentions Limmeridge, so it seems spooky and mysterious. He tells Marian about it and they try to get to the bottom of things, which leads to darker events.”

Walter, a free spirited and talented fella, is quickly caught up in a menacing mystery in his attempt to find answers.

It’s Walter’s search for the truth and untold secrets, which Ben says rings true with people nowadays.

He told TV Times: “I love The Woman in White because it feels relevant today and it’s a mystery that draws people in.”However, Ben admitted he had never read the book until landing a role in the BBC series, with him saying: “I’m not massively into Victorian literature.”

The Women in White was filmed at Castlewellan Castle in Northern Ireland, overlooking a lake in the County Down countryside.

This pleased Jessie, who is from Killarney in the Republic of Ireland, she said: “I have loved being back on Irish soil.

“It’s such a warm place to film in and now I don’t want to leave.”

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